I used to have a link to an anonymous feedback form. But I didn’t get very useful feedback from it.

If you want to send me anonymous feedback, send me an email. Feel free to get a burner email address if you must. But I’m not sure there are that many cases where you only want to give your feedback on the conditions of anonymity. It’s just too hard to do anything with the sparse shitty information I get from emails people send me, if I can’t email you back to ask for more details.

If I’ve wronged you, there’s a good chance I noticed it at the time and feel terrible about it already. But occasionally I don’t notice when I’ve done the wrong thing, and on those occasions it’s incredibly valuable for me to hear from you! So if I’ve done something that seems wrong, I’m usually pretty enthusiastic to hear about it.

My email: bshlegeris@gmail.com